Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who's tellin the truth?

     In periods of civil unrest and displeasure, the most effective vehicle to inflict an indentation among society is propaganda, an observation corroborated  historically. Propaganda acts as an appeasement, as a rallier or as a brain-washer. Wars and crises are where propaganda is used most efficaciously due to the people's support for their nation and their fellow citizens. However, since propaganda denotes a twisting of truth or in short, a lie, it can cause people to be led erroneously to commit immoral actions. Such has been the cause with every single war in the 20th century on both sides. Now all instances may not entail lies but still vicariously attempt to push people's favor to the group's ideas or ideals as is evident in the specimen above where the United States of America insinuate that Communism which was slowly taking hold around the world would be the ultimate demise of the country. It promotes a feeling of contempt for the Soviet Union and its influences deterring Americans from looking into Communism and causing it to become a taboo subject.
     Propaganda can also be applied locally especially with race. In the United States, racial propaganda was used to unfavorably cast light on African-Americans following their Emancipation. However, it was also used by America during World War II to isolate Japanese citizens because of the country's involvement against the Allies and it was also used against Native Americans to suppress sympathy for their plights. The America of yesterday wrongfully published stereotypical material to aid in its complete control and "safety" of white citizens. With all of the acts committed following the distribution, it is evident that the messages in the propaganda took hold and the pain these races endured stemmed from the brain-washed ignorance of those unethical people. Ironically, lies can resonate louder than the truth can in places where the truth is fostered like America.        

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