Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hip-Hop nowadays...

     Hip-Hop or urban culture is in crisis. The problem is that these artists make music or art only to please others. In return, they are award a large sum of money and continue producing mediocre and sometimes ridiculous works which at first glance or at first note already seem uninspired and mainstream. For physical art just as graffiti and paintings, artists aren't in such of a dilemma as music "artists" are. Rappers write about partying in clubs, drinking and having twenty women in the back of the limo on their way to the hotel where they will  party some more. Hip-Hop stars will sing about ANYTHING to become famous such as catching grenades and sound like broken records when the majority of their songs are syllables or vowels repeated ad infinitum. In short, they are generally sell-outs that need the money to keep up their mansions' taxes.
     Hip-Hop culture showcased in the movie Beat Street is on the whole other end of this spectrum. The characters in it create music and art as a form of expression where they don't need compensation for their work. They do it for their own inner gratification and also for the pleasure of others. Making music, break-dancing, graffiti and singing all are their passions and they continue to make art even when they aren't recognized or reimbursed. They are original and true to themselves and it resonates with the quality of their work. A look back at earlier times of Hip-Hop culture would benefit this suffering society.

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  1. ha, i agree, hip hop now is just a jumble of random words put to a fun beat that people then call poetic and insightful