Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Poem

Wind in the evergreens
And her voice in the air
Made the winter's spite
Easier to bear.

Pure snow rested on the branches
Of the naked and somber trees
And the sky was free and open
As clouds couldn't endure the weather
And as we stood together
It seemed like our eternity was close at hand.

The birds needn't sing a song of love for us,
For our togetherness was perfect.

My crystal blue eyes
Reminiscent of ice
Were warmed and melted
By her shy and confident glance.

But by the next winter
They were frozen once more
Like how her hand felt the last time I saw
My perfect snowflake, my Snow White.
She couldn't be brought back with true love
Or a tender, reviving kiss.
No dwarves had told of her impending doom,
No one could come to save her.
Snow White was never awakened.
Snow turned to mud and never more comes another winter or snowfall,
But I am still cold.


  1. great job on imagery, tom, your poem is beautiful :)

  2. that's really pretty. i gotta admit, when i read the last part i thought, snow white? really? but then i read the whole thing over again and it fits.

  3. This is one of the best poems I've read, it's both very beautiful and sad which sometimes works and well you made it work. Great job Tom. I think you could possibly win the snowflake battle. :D