Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Jay and Carraway Seeds

     Jay Gatsby is a mysterious and deceptive man who twists people and uses them for his own benefit. One such person used by Gatsby is his neighbor Nick Carraway. Popular and affluent Gatsby invites Nick to his extremely well-known parties to build a friendship with him. Unbeknownst to Nick, Gatsby forms a rapport with his neighbor because of his family connections. However, Jay never reveals his true intentions directly to his companion but sends messengers to communicate his bidding. When he decrees his plans, Jay insinuates that these statements are orders since it seems that no one wants to be on Gatsby's unfavorable side. Nick is told by his love interest, Jordan Baker, of Jay's plans to see Daisy, his former flame, by Nick extending an invitation to his second cousin, Daisy. 
     Gatsby formulates ideas that Carraway and him are friends just to be friends but he later reveals his real intentions for their relationship. He transmits his will at others' expense only with his needs or desires in sight. Gatsby also wants to give impressions that he is the whole package with his Oxford attendance and his war medals. He feels everyone should be lower than him because Jay is a social-elite and therefore, can control people with his power given to him by his inheritance money. Each person is a stepping stone to make it across the raging river and Gatsby doesn't mind getting dirt on them or moving them out of place, as long as he gets there. 

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