Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Arcade in the Suburbs is on Fire! Great...

Arcade Fire-The Suburbs
     Arcade Fire's relatively new album, The Suburbs, is a very deep and profound album with extremely poetic lyrics. Unlike most music today, the lyrics of Arcade Fire's song actually mean something that pertains to life, not partying in the club all day. Anyways, my two most favorite songs are unsurprisingly the most popular tracks on the album: The Suburbs and Ready to Start. 
     The Suburbs is probably the most dramatic track but maybe I think this because of the music video. However, the lyrics show a level of reminiscence mixed with regret. It details how fleeting and carefree life is while being a kid in the suburbs. While they are waiting to grow up and experience the world, they pass the time playing in the neighborhood. The lazy sounds and relaxing lyrics contrast very nicely with the quick tempo and higher pitched instruments. However, the song sometimes drones on in certain areas but its meaning will keep the listener alert if they really analyze the song's setup while listening. Overall, it's a mellow song that still catches my attention.
     The last song from "The Suburbs" I chose to highlight is "Ready to Start." This track describes a nonconformist outlook on life and explains how people should be themselves even if that means being alone and isolated. The lyrics are full of intense pathos but intense pride also and express conviction in his words. This track is one of the more exciting and lively songs although the singers voice is still nonchalant and relaxing. In a few points, the song can become slightly monotonous and feels like it could use a sudden change  of pace of tone but it eventually all blends together. All in all, the new Arcade Fire album has a good amount of high quality songs with good quality lyrics.

The Suburbs:

Ready to Start:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Jay and Carraway Seeds

     Jay Gatsby is a mysterious and deceptive man who twists people and uses them for his own benefit. One such person used by Gatsby is his neighbor Nick Carraway. Popular and affluent Gatsby invites Nick to his extremely well-known parties to build a friendship with him. Unbeknownst to Nick, Gatsby forms a rapport with his neighbor because of his family connections. However, Jay never reveals his true intentions directly to his companion but sends messengers to communicate his bidding. When he decrees his plans, Jay insinuates that these statements are orders since it seems that no one wants to be on Gatsby's unfavorable side. Nick is told by his love interest, Jordan Baker, of Jay's plans to see Daisy, his former flame, by Nick extending an invitation to his second cousin, Daisy. 
     Gatsby formulates ideas that Carraway and him are friends just to be friends but he later reveals his real intentions for their relationship. He transmits his will at others' expense only with his needs or desires in sight. Gatsby also wants to give impressions that he is the whole package with his Oxford attendance and his war medals. He feels everyone should be lower than him because Jay is a social-elite and therefore, can control people with his power given to him by his inheritance money. Each person is a stepping stone to make it across the raging river and Gatsby doesn't mind getting dirt on them or moving them out of place, as long as he gets there. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Poem

Wind in the evergreens
And her voice in the air
Made the winter's spite
Easier to bear.

Pure snow rested on the branches
Of the naked and somber trees
And the sky was free and open
As clouds couldn't endure the weather
And as we stood together
It seemed like our eternity was close at hand.

The birds needn't sing a song of love for us,
For our togetherness was perfect.

My crystal blue eyes
Reminiscent of ice
Were warmed and melted
By her shy and confident glance.

But by the next winter
They were frozen once more
Like how her hand felt the last time I saw
My perfect snowflake, my Snow White.
She couldn't be brought back with true love
Or a tender, reviving kiss.
No dwarves had told of her impending doom,
No one could come to save her.
Snow White was never awakened.
Snow turned to mud and never more comes another winter or snowfall,
But I am still cold.