Thursday, November 4, 2010

The worst form of slavery

     Generally, when society pictures slavery, they formulate pictures of forced laborers working in the fields, collecting materials for their masters that punish them for every slight transgression. However, one of the largest and unfortunately, most lucrative types of slavery is in prostitution or in other sexual services. This type of prostitution is usually derived from debts, causing the debtor to be forced into the industry to fulfill the payment. Unwillingly women and children are the most common slaves thrust into this world of abuse and humiliation. Millions of the slaves are trafficked from place to place and from client to client. Each visit poses the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, the risk of severe physical and mental abuse and the risk of death.
     In American society, slavery is an evil of the nation's past and it seems like a foreign practice only seen in civil war movies. However, thousands of American citizens are involved in the illegal sex trade that affects countries around the earth. I am astounded that such a demeaning and destructive clandestine business is still pervasive in a modern society that prides itself on providing justice, liberty and equality. Regular, consensual and legal prostitution should be permitted since it is the woman or man's choice but forced prostitution is rape in my book. Considering that half of the slaves involved are minors, supporting this trade is vile and completely immoral. Those urges that humans "need" to go through with aren't worth violating people. Some people need to learn to control themselves and stop when they have gone too far because a slave sex trade can benefit NO person, no matter the profits and the seconds of immoral pleasure.     


  1. "Sex trade can benefit NO person, no matter the profits and the seconds of immoral pleasure." Unfortunatly, it benefits the "raper", the big dude that gets paid, the people who watch, and the sick bastards that don't see it, but know its happening and still enjoy imagining it.

  2. I agree with Leslie's comment. Sex Trade is just wrong all around.
    (Swore I commented last week. lol)