Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful Up in This Place

     I would have expected this prompt to be utilized near the end of the year since a lot of people don't know each other that well, but I do understand its relevance since it is around the time of Thanksgiving. Anyways, the two people that i am most thankful for in the American Literature class are Clara Torres and Morgan Mason. Firstly, I have a pretty good relationship with Clara since we were in biology together last year and I sit by her during division. She is a very smart and outspoken person that has strong beliefs. In division, we usually have conversations about controversial things and it is insightful to listen to her well formulated ideas and standpoints. Clara is a very interesting person to talk to because she raises a lot of questions without forcing doctrine or ideas.
     The next person I am thankful for is Morgan. I only met her this year but she is basically in all of my classes and sits in my vicinity in almost all of those classes. She is the biggest help in Pre-Calculus especially because she is brilliant at math and she also sits next to me. Morgan explains things spot on and helps me if I need assistance. Besides being a math wizard, she is a nice person to talk to and always makes me laugh when we walk to American Literature class.
     All of the people that make my life more enjoyable are those I am most thankful for, whether it be their humor, their assistance, their love, their acceptance or even just their presence.

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  1. AWWWW, TOM!!!! thank you!! i enjoy your company very much too!!!! I'm so glad we're in the same division so that we can talk to each other!!! You're so much nicer in your blog :D lol just kidding you're uber kool in real life too XP